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Tooth Colored Fillings Specialist

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Virtually everyone will eventually need dental fillings at one point or another. For those in the Bronx area of New York City, New York, Daniel Faiwiszewski, DMD, of Advanced Dental Care of Riverdale offers exceptionally high-quality dental fillings as one of many restorative dental treatments.Booking your visit takes just moments online or over the phone.

Tooth Colored Fillings Q&A

How do dental cavities develop?

A dental cavity is a hole in the surface of your tooth enamel. Left untreated, this form of decay will advance into the deeper layers of your tooth tissue, eventually threatening the structural integrity of your tooth.

Your mouth is always filled with a mix of beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria. That bacteria thrives on the sugars and starches in the foods you eat. Bacteria, saliva, and sugars and starches combine to form a sticky film called plaque. 

Plaque sticks to the surfaces of your teeth, and the bacteria within that plaque creates acids that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. This is how cavities develop, and dental cavities are considered one of the most common chronic diseases in the nation. 

What are dental fillings?

If you develop dental cavities, fillings can stop the progression of decay and strengthen your teeth. As the name implies, a filling “fills” the hole created by dental decay.

There are several different options when it comes to the type of material used in dental fillings. Metal amalgam, once the most popular option, is durable and affordable, but creates a dark color against the surface of your tooth. 

Composite resin fillings are not as durable as metal, but can be shaded to blend seamlessly with the color of your natural tooth tissue. Gold and silver fillings offer a certain aesthetic appeal, but can be costly.

A special type of treatment called inlays and onlays are made of porcelain and are customized to fit the precise contours of a dental cavity. These are a more expensive option, but deliver a gorgeous finished product.   

What steps are involved in getting a filling?

You’ll receive an injection of anesthetic to eliminate all sensation in the treatment area. Dr. Faiwiszewski then removes all traces of decayed tooth tissue until he reveals a layer of healthy tissue.

He then places the filling material into position to seal and protect the treated tooth. This effectively blocks bacteria from entering the area and also helps strengthen the tooth. 

Having a filling placed is a simple and straightforward process. There’s nothing to fear, and the entire procedure takes only a short time to complete. You can even have multiple fillings placed on the same visit. 

If you’d like to learn more, call the office to schedule a visit, or try the easy online booking tool to find a time that fits your busy life.