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Teeth Whitening Specialist

Advanced Dental Care of Riverdale

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If you’re unhappy with the shade of your smile, professional teeth whitening can help you get back your grin’s gleam. Daniel Faiwiszewski, DMD, offers safe and effective teeth whitening through his practice at Advanced Dental Care of Riverdale in the Bronx area of New York City, New York. Booking your visit takes just moments online or over the phone.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

How do teeth become stained or discolored?

Numerous factors contribute to tooth discoloration. The aging process is the most common culprit, and virtually everyone will notice some changes in the color of their teeth over time. 

This occurs because the outermost layer of your teeth is a thin shell of hard tissue called enamel. Tooth enamel is naturally white in color, but the underlying layer of hard tissue, dentin, is naturally yellow in color. As the years pass your enamel thins, revealing more of the yellow dentin.

Additional causes of tooth discoloration include:

  • Food and beverages that stain, including red wine, coffee, berries, and tea
  • Exposure to high levels of fluoride
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain medications and treatments
  • Traumatic injury
  • Tobacco use

As you can see, some of these factors are within your control while others are not. Fortunately, there are ways to brighten your smile. 

How does professional teeth whitening work?

Professional teeth whitening is an in-office procedure that uses a medical-grade whitening solution to blast apart stains. When you arrive for your visit, you’ll relax in the treatment chair as Dr. Faiwiszewski isolates your tongue and soft tissue.

He then paints the whitening solution onto the front sides of your teeth. Some whitening systems simply need to sit for a short period of time, while others are activated by a special treatment light. After a short time has passed, the solution is rinsed away, and you can check out your whiter, brighter smile.

There are also professional strength whitening kits you can get at the office and use at home. These kits use a plastic tray to hold a whitening gel against the surface of your teeth for a short period of time. While at-home whitening won’t create the same shade boost as the in-office option, it does allow you to customize the shade of your smile.

How long will my teeth whitening results last?

Your effects will depend in large part on your daily habits. If you smoke or choose foods and beverages that stain, your teeth will slowly lose some of their gleam. 

Embracing a solid dental hygiene routine is the best way to get the most out of your whitening investment. Daily brushing and flossing will prevent plaque and tartar from developing. If you do enjoy food and drinks that stain, consider rinsing your mouth afterward to cut down on staining. 

Coming in for routine professional dental exams is also important. These visits include a professional teeth cleaning that will deliver a smooth, bright finish that will show off your bright smile.

When you’re ready to maximize the wattage of your smile, call or click to schedule your teeth whitening visit at Advanced Dental Care of Riverdale.